Glaucoma is considered as a silent killer as it takes the vision slowly and in Near time person loses his /her complete vision. Any person with family history of Glaucoma, Myopia, Diabetes, Steroid usage, eye injuries or surgeries should get his/her eyes regularly checked to avoid complications.

At Nirmals Eye Hospital, we have the best and latest Humphrey Field Analyzer from Carl Zeiss, Germany for detection of Glaucoma to analyze the field of vision.

We also have the latest Carl Zeiss Yag machine which helps to get the best result for secondary cataract treatment and laser therapies for acute glaucoma cases. It also helps to attain high precision treatments using a minimum of laser energy.


Treatment Options

Medical management is aimed at reducing intra ocular pressure by improving aqueous outflow and reducing the production of aqueous with the help of good efficiency eye drops and systemic medication if required. Reducing the pressure in the eye reduces the progression of visual field loss. Standard practice has been to move on to surgery, if medications are ineffective or if the glaucoma patient has difficulty in adhering to the medical therapy recommendations.

In Glaucoma, OCT helps to detect and measure

  • Morphological changes
  • Thickness of retina & retinal nerve fibre layer
  • Retinal Volume
  • The various parameters of the optic disc
  • The analysis of retinal fiber layer and optic nerve head aids in identification of early glaucomatous loss


At our centre, we have several types of surgeries to treat glaucoma, in case if the medication is ineffective or so. The surgery options available with us to treat Glaucoma are as follows.

TRABECULECTOMY : It is most frequently performed glaucoma surgery in the world today wherein an additional drainage system is created in the eye by removing small part of trabecular meshwork and iris. In high-risk cases it is combined with medicines like mitomycin C, implants or an additional surgical procedure.

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